Real Talk at the Red Table

Red Table Talk is an intergenerational ‘talk show’ created by Jada Pinkett-Smith and born from her determination to empower women. “Whether it's empowering people to have the lives they want, or empowering people to protect the environment, we’re ensuring people have a voice.” The show features herself, mom Adrienne and 18 year-old daughter Willow. They tackle everything from love, sex, relationships, body image, forgiveness to heavier stuff like drug abuse, domestic violence and Willow cutting her 10 year-old self after the “terrible experience” of Whip My Hair.

“The biggest rebellion is coming into your vulnerability and seeing that as a power. Once you get in touch with your emotions, you start to understand things in a whole other way. When you express what you feel needs to change, or what you feel is unfair or wrong, that's so important, but the real agent of change is when you embody the truth.”

-Jada Pinkett-Smith

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Red Table Talk airs on Facebook Watch.