Inside the December Box

The December box was loaded with ‘glow girl’ enhancing Korean beauty and skin care products (also known collectively as K-Beauty), to combat winter dryness and keep your skin looking supple and dewy throughout the coming seasons that can be tough on skin, especially for us dry girls.

K-Beauty has become increasingly popular in the West, as South Korean women’s ‘skin first’ approach to beauty has caught the attention of American women in a big way in the last few years. K-Beauty focuses on clear, smooth, dewy skin as #goals - either as the foundation for makeup, or for when you’re rocking no makeup at all. The obsession with and demand for results-oriented products means that South Korea is ground zero for the most innovative beauty and skin care products being created - that don’t cost a small fortune. Ampoules, Essences, Cleansing Water, Serums and masks, masks, masks that exfoliate, bubble, peel and hydrate are common products that Korean women use daily - often all at the same time (K-Beauty is famous for its 8-step skin-care routines.

You’ll also see unusual ingredients, like snail mucin, resveratrol (yup, the same stuff that’s in red wine), soapberry, and arbutin, as well, as some you’ve heard of but aren’t used in western products with the same obsessiveness: honey, green tea and Vitamin C.

So, why should women of color embrace K-Beauty? K-Beauty still has a way to go with showing more diversity in their marketing, but the products should be of particular interest to black women because many of the ingredients have brightening and anti-inflammatory effects. Why is this important? Because more melanin means that skin that is more prone to hyper pigmentation (the #1 concern of Korean women and something we, as black women, have in common). Ingredients like snail mucin (naturally produced by snails to help cuts and scrapes on their bodies) and vitamin C have regenerative powers that calms inflammation, reducing post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation caused by acne or sensitized skin.

Because these products are produced in Korea, definitely doesn’t mean that they are not for you. We’re hoping this little introduction to K-Beauty opens you up to more possibilities and options (many of which are lower-priced than American equivalents) to add to your beauty arsenal.

The December box includes,

  • The Little Book of Skincare, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam, $24.99

  • Pure Radiance by CALA Moisturizing Foot Masks, $12.00

  • Beauty People Flash Fix Pigment Pact in Twilight, $16.00

  • Medical Line Friends N.M.F. Acquiring Ampoule Mask, $3.50

  • Esfolio Honey Essence Mask Sheet, $2.00

  • Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Lip Tint in Dracula Red, $5.00

  • Etude House Fresh Squeeze Juice Cleansing Foam, $6.00

  • Rude Cosmetics Radiant Lastin Makeup Mist, $6.00

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