Boss+Bae Favorite Things 2018

The beauty of a subscription box is discovering new things you might not have heard of, or might not have had a chance to try - that’s the fun of curating a box too, plus we get to share the fruits of our being nosy.

2018 was an exciting year - so many amazing brands, products, and creators came across our radar, some newly launched in 2018, some just new to us; some have been in the box, some are wish listed for the box and some can’t be put in a box. But what they all have in common is, they’re definitely things you’ll want to check out in 2019. So, without further adieu, our favorite things in 2018.


Posh Candle Co.

These crazy good-smelling, clean burning candles inspire women with catchy, empowering, phrases and unique, uplifting scents.

Lit Soul Candles

Delicious smelling, hand-poured candles made from up-cycled soup cans, each candle reveals a crystal to help deepen your meditation practice, and a portion of the sale of each candle goes to help someone experiencing homelessness.

Hot Thang Candles

Yumminess like Bamboo + Coconut and Cucumber + Melon make these candles live up to their name.

Perry Boyce

An online fragrance company offering “urban luxe + eclectic home scents”, Perry Boyce is lifestyle brand that offers “high-calibre quality while still being light on the pocket”. We are obsessed with the room sprays.


Luv Scrub

Once you use experience this mesh body exfoliator, you’ll ditch your loofah and you won’t look back

Next of Kim Beauty

Newly launched in 2018, founder, Kim Hill’s all-natural, hand-made, body care brand is made with high-quality shea butter and essential oils and is completely free of synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals.


Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar

Seriously, the name says it all, silky, luxurious lather, deep cleansing charcoal without leaving your skin feeling tight and dry.

Tam Thyme Facial Exfoliator

Gently exfoliates with nourishing organic almond butter, almond oil, raw honey, and smooth almond kernels. It’s literally good enough to eat.


Small Doses - Amanda Seales

She be knowing’. “Potent truths for everyday use” on everything from being labeled an Oreo to toxic masculinity. If you were expecting Tiffany from Insecure, you got another thing coming.

The Hood Witch

“Magic, inspiration and community.” The online destination for ‘modern mystics’ - you can buy crystals, sage and palo santo + get guidance on how to meditate with crystals, smudging, new moon rituals and more.

Young Fathers

If you get a chance to see Young Fathers live, go. This hip-hop trio from Scotland is doing something very, ver exciting, Words won’t do them justice, go take a listen…


Knot-ed Subscription Box

We became fans before this box even launched, falling in love with their concept and their mission, you not only get hair care products but also, tools, accessories and a style guide that includes creative ways to use the contents of your box.

The Coco Fro

The Fro-tion Potion Styling Lotion + Restructuring Hair Oil has been giving our coils and curls LIFE.

Happy New Year, Loves! Cheers to living your best life!